Information sheet for clients of Scheuermann & Co AG

Information about Scheuermann & Co AG

Address, e-mail address, website and phone number of Scheuermann & Co. AG Scheuermann & Co. AG, Börsenstrasse 26, 8001 Zurich
E-Mail: nicolas(at)
Phone: 0041 44 2276018
Client segment according to the Federal Act on Financial Services of 15 June 2018 (“FinSA”) The clients as defined in the FinSA will be treated as private clients according to FinSA.
Activity of Scheuermann & Co. AG Scheuermann & Co. AG is a fund distributor and not supervised by FINMA.
Field of activity and supervisory status of Scheuermann & Co. AG Distribution of sub-funds of Tweedy, Browne Value Funds (non-advice): Scheuermann & Co. AG presents the Client with investment ideas of a general nature, which must not be understood as a personal recommendation. In particular, Scheuermann & Co. AG does not take into account the investment objectives, investment strategies or financial circumstances or knowledge and experience of the Client when presenting investment ideas and no agreement is entered into between the Client and Scheuermann & Co. AG.
Risks and costs associated with the financial instrument/financial service

The essential features and the functionalities of any collective investment schemes concerned as well as certain risks and costs associated with and any obligations arising from an investment in such collective investment scheme for the Client are described in its offering documents which may be obtained on request from Scheuermann & Co. AG.

Reference is made to the Brochure “Risks Involved in Trading Financial Instruments” issued by the Swiss Bankers Association (SwissBanking), as amended from time to time.

Information on further costs incurred in connection with any transaction in financial instruments may be obtained from the financial intermediary (e.g. bank) involved in such transaction and appointed by the Client.

Client Advisor Register The client advisors of Scheuermann & Co. AG are registered with BX Swiss AG (, a client advisor register admitted by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) in accordance with art. 31 para. 1 FinSA.
Ombudsman Office Scheuermann & Co. AG is affiliated with Finanzombudsstelle Schweiz (FINOS), Talstrasse 20, CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland, a legally recognized ombudsman pursuant to art. 84 para. 1 of the FinSA. Clients receiving a financial service from Scheuermann & Co. AG have the possibility of mediation proceedings through the Ombudsman Office under the conditions as set out in the FinSA.
Conflicts of Interest Scheuermann & Co. AG endeavours to avoid conflicts of interest (incl. but not limited to conflicts of interest in the context of economic ties with third parties) as far as possible or otherwise to disclose them.